Be a Donor

Inviting corporates to partner with Pune City Connect on this nationwide initiative of making one person per household digitally is an opportunity for you to invest the CSR funds which can be accounted for in the 2% CSR law into a national imperative. These funds will be utilized to contribute towards Pune being the first 100% digitally literate city. We aim to train 4.5 lakh people by 2020 through 100 NDLM centres and 45000 volunteers and to reach this goal, your support is essential. Click here to know more...

NDLM Corporate partnership models:

NDLM Centre: Setup Process

Employees of the donor company may also volunteer for various activities at the centre. Know more on how to be an NDLM volunteer.

**Please note that Pune City Connect is working in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, who is the secretariat to the Mission. NASSCOM Foundation will be the one-stop shop for the conceptualization and execution of the NDLM centre.

Interested in supporting an NDLM centre ?

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