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A digitally literate person is a more informed person. As a nation, if we have to succeed in the upcoming digital economy, we have to make sure that every citizen becomes digitally literate. The Government of India has moved forward by introducing the National Digital Literacy mission and it is our turn as educated citizens of this country to help the under-served people harness the power of digital literacy. As an individiual, you can help bring about an enormous change by participating in the "Each one Teach Two" campaign and make a difference in the lives of these people.

As a Corporate you can participate in the Rolling Trophy competition by dropping us an email confirmation on To know more, click here.

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You as a volunteer can support in the following ways:

1. Contribute towards digital literacy training during 15th October - 14th November 2015.

    What to Teach?
    NASSCOM Foundation has developed the training material for NDLM with the vision to empower people from all backgrounds to understand and use digital devices. The training curriculum has hence been made very simplistic in order to deliver practice-oriented training on digital literacy.
    The ‘Basics of Digital Literacy’ curriculum has been split in 7 modules. Each module has been translated into four major languages namely; English and Hindi. All these seven modules are mandatory to be taught to the selected individuals in a age group of 14 to 60 years. You can download the modules from the links below. If you are a android user these modules from the NDLM App.

  • Power in Your Hands
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • The Internet
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • Email and Social Media
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • Useful Information
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • The Government
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • E commerce
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  • IT Security
    English | Hindi | Marathi

2. Confirm the complition of the training to the nearest NDLM Centre Co-ordinators (details of the Centre Coordinators are available on the map below).

3. Assist the NDLM Center Co-ordinators for conducting assessments post training.

4. Get registered with NASSCOM Foundation as a volunteer and participate in periodic Digital Literacy Weeks. Know more about it at


To know more, please reach out to