Goals - Digital Literacy

To make Pune, India's first digitally literate city is a huge challenge and to achieve this we need to have at least one person each from the four lakh, ten thousand households (census 2011) become digitally literate. Mathematically speaking, assuming a round number of 4.5 lakh households, if we are to stand up to this challenge we need to train a mammoth 247 people per day on average, in the five year span from Apr '15 to Mar '20. We have therefore set ourselves progressive and realistic targets on how can we achieve the task at hand.

Key milestones FY 15-16 FY 16-17 FY 17-18 FY 18-19 FY 19-20 Total
Digital Literacy Centers 30 50 20 100(existing) 100(existing) 100
# of households trained and certified (assuming 500 beneficiaries per centre that is opened in the current year, and 1000 per centre that is in existence since the preceding year) 15000 55000 90000 100000 100000 360000
# of direct beneficiaries under 'Each One Teach Two' campaign (Target 5000 volunteers in the 1st year and 10000 volunteers in subsequent years) 10000 20000 20000 20000 20000 90000