Success Stories

P. Radhika, a 31 year graduate from Pune, was not able to find any job, as it required basic computer proficiency as a minimum qualification. She got herself enrolled in the Anjaiah Nagar NDLM Centre and within no time, she gained confidence in her computer operating skills, especially excel and email communication. Additionally, the soft skills training at the centre made her confident enough to face interviews in high ranking organizations. Today she is working as a supervisor in a respectable private firm and earns Rs. 7,000 per month. She feels a lot more confident now interacting with people and is able to add to the family income. She easily accesses online information and e-governance services and helps her family and her community by finding information about basic necessities, online.

In her words: " It's a good initiative. Apart from building specific skills of the people it also provides a platform where the community comes together and learns together. My experience has been really fruitful and I look forward to more learning opportunities at the centre."

img01Nilesh Eknath Garud is a 22 year old, class 10th pass out, pani-puri and bhel-puri seller from Viman Nagar area in Pune. Computers always fascinated him but he never got a chance to learn them. With an NDLM centre opening in his vicinity, he took out time from his bhel-puri stall business and enrolled himself in the program which was being offered for free and in his local tongue: Marathi. Today he applies the digital knowledge gained in the course to his own business. He records his business expenses in an excel sheet, finds newer ways to lure in more consumers using google, searches for new recipes and at the end of every day is able to calculate the days earnings with ease. His pani-puri business has seen exponential growth since.

In his words: "I've had a very fulfilling experience. I am happy with the training because our syllabus is in our local tongue which is Marathi. I have even picked up a few English words while communicating. I've gained confidence. I would like to teach and share my learnings with my family and friends."