Education Initiative

Why focus on Education?

Current state of schools run by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

What we want to achieve?

Vision : To build a sustainable and collaborative government education system that is deeply committed to improve the quality of student learning in Pune Municipal Schools.

Mission : By creating a cadre of Teacher Development Officers (Shikshak Sahyogi Dal) who will be committed to improve the instructional skills & to develop the right mind-sets of the teachers to improve teaching learning process in Pune Municipal Schools
By creating a cohort of model Pune Municipal Schools which will serve as proof point of providing excellent education by implementing a strong vision, ambitious initiatives and leading cluster level teacher collaboration

Pune City Connect Education Track wants to be the backbone organisation driving collective impact in improving the quality of learning outcomes of PMC run government schools. Pune City Connect aims to be the handhold organisation to implement the Government resolutions of the Maharashtra State Government in improving student learning outcomes across all the government schools in the State. Some of the important resolutions that Pune City Connect is working on along with PMC is the Pragat Shaikshanik GR (June 2015); School under Innovation GR (April 2015); Quality Cell GR (November 2014); and SARAL Management system GR (June 2015).

In the first year, PCC Education Track will achieve the following:

As a Collective Action intervention in PMC schools, the PCC Education Track will be focusing in two key areas: