About Swachh Pune

About the Mission

Swachh Pune is a mission close to every citizen's heart, and is aligned to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In order to ensure a holistic implementation and adoption of 'Swacch' in urban areas, the Ministry of Urban Development has identified six mission components for Swacch Bharat Mission - Urban. These are outlined in the diagram below.

Of the six possible focus areas, Pune City Connect will be focusing on the following three, as per the descriptions provided. PCC will become a platform to support further CSR initiatives under these areas:

  1. Public toilets in Schools and Public Areas
  2. Garbage Segregation and Processing, on a Ward basis
  3. Change of mindsets wrt usage and maintenance of Toilets; as well as disposal of Garbage

With this, Pune City Connect hopes to contribute to a Pune which has ZERO-GARBAGE and ZERO-OPEN DEFECATION

Role of Pune City Connect

The Swachh track is one which calls for Public-Private partnership. Corporates are doing excellent work within the Swachh track and have shown the way in terms of operational models that can be used. The role of Pune City Connect is threefold:

  • Enabling the PPP model to get operationalized smoothly ie, corporates need not approach PMC for the process of securing approvals and signing MOUs. PCC can be the one-stop shop instead of each corporate going to various departments within PMC at different points of time
  • Synergizing the efforts of various corporates, in line with PMC's development priorities. For example, if PMC needs prioritized development of toilets in certain wards, PCC can suggest the same to corporates in order to guide the CSR efforts as per an overall master plan. This will help CSR efforts to be relevant and create far greater impact
  • Facilitating partnerships with NGOs for operationalization of work