Be A Donor

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

The Lighthouse is an ambitious project and is set to change not just the architectural, but also the social landscape of Pune. To fuel our efforts, the Pune Municipal Corporation is funding the Capital Expenditure for setting up the first Lighthouses, apart from identifying and leasing appropriate venues in each of the 15 wards across Pune. We would like to invite Corporates & Entrepreneurs to join hands and determine the success of this project by allocation of adequate funds through collaborative CSR.

The Operating Expense for a Lighthouse for the first 12 months is approximately Rs. 1 crore

Each Lighthouse can have up to 5 or more funding partners, who can contribute Rs. 20 Lakhs each or in multiples thereof.
All contributions to the Lighthouse are compliant as per Section 135, Schedule 7 of The Company’s Act 2013.

The funds would primarily be required for:

  • Renovation and refurbishment of the centre
  • Cover costs of program partners, facilitators, counsellors etc.
  • Reaching out to the youth through innovative methods (use of technology, organise competitions etc.)

Acknowledgement for Funding Partners:

  • Displaying their brand plaque at the sponsored Lighthouse.
  • All certificates awarded by the Lighthouse would feature the sponsor/funding partners brand logo.
  • Customised volunteering options.
  • Credits for all success stories emerging from their sponsored Lighthouse.

For more details you can write to Shalini Sinha: