Collective Action

Influenced by the Stanford Social Innovation Article (on Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact addresses Complexity by John Kania & Mark Kramer), the Pune City Connect aims to build an organisation with a collective vision to solve some of the toughest civic issues in the city of Pune. Over the past decade we have seen multiple institutions across sectors - corporates, philanthropic leaders, NGO's, citizen communities, etc contributing their time and resources towards the development of Pune.

Although the city has seen hundreds of individual programs and initiatives to solve overlapping social problems, but unfortunately the impact was limited to smaller pockets across the city and working in silos these efforts have fought the same challenge in multiple ways with varied effects. Most of the interventions were not able to create a systemic scale impact which was sustainable - typically with a reason of not getting multiple stakeholders together under one roof.

Pune City Connect attempts to drive change in social sector by driving the idea of Collective Impact. This Pune City Connect partnership between Pune's Corporates, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Philanthropic leaders, NGO's, Social organisations and citizen community of Pune aims to contribute towards solving three big problems of quality education, digital illiteracy and city cleanliness. Under the leadership of the PMC, several corporates across sectors have committed for time, talent and treasure to solve the three issues. Pune City Connect wishes to engage cross sector leaders to derive at a common agenda (by a shared understanding of the problems); drive active engagement of the citizens (through campaigns and volunteering); and continuously align resources and share data to measure impact (of the different interventions).

At a macro level, as defined in the vision of Pune City Connect, we wish to truly upend conventional wisdom of Collective Action through our efforts, in a manner that we will achieve social progress in Pune. The process to drive collective action is time consuming but worthy to make social change sustainable. In this process we need support, thought partnering and encouragement - with a sincere hope that many cross sector leaders and individual organisations be a part of this exciting endeavour.