Our Agenda

Pune City Connect is a platform for collaboration between corporates and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The objective is to institutionalize a forum for industry and government to work collectively along with NGOs and citizens, towards development of the city.

The need for Collective Action

More and more studies show that for social transformation to happen, collective action is essential. Collective action can achieve city-wide change where individual action may fall short, not only because of the scaling up of resources but also because collection action brings with it diversity of thought, richness of strategy, robustness of action, sustainability and a multiplier effect due to the resonance between otherwise independent activities.

Working in collaboration also ensures a city-wide planning approach wherein CSR funds can be channeled in a systematic and organized manner.

Relevance for Corporates

With growing participation of corporates in CSR activities, the hope is to garner the interest and involvement of corporates across Pune. Pune City Connect offers an organized platform for corporates to channel not just their funds but also their volunteering activities so as to collectively impact their neighbourhood.

At the same time, Pune City Connect also facilitates ease of working with the PMC, as it would act as a one-stop shop for those corporates who choose to work through this forum, irrespective of the specific government department that needs to be involved.

Immediate Goals

Pune City Connect has zeroed in on three development areas in order to create significant impact on the same through a collaborative, concerted and focused effort.

These tracks have been selected on the basis of the needs of the city, synergy with national agenda and the CSR interests of corporates. The 3 tracks are Cleanliness and Sanitation (Swachh), Quality Education (Sakshar) and 100% Digital Literacy (Digital) thus leading to a Swachh, Sakshar, Digital Pune.

Whilst 100% Digital Literacy for the city sets the stage for exponential growth and a digital Pune; Quality Education and Cleanliness are crying needs and beg to be addressed for Pune's continued prosperity and for the city to reclaim its title 'Oxford of the East'.

Model Schools: Bringing together all three tracks

The idea is to anchor the three tracks in 15 'model' municipal schools where all three focus areas of Digital Literacy, Cleanliness and Quality of Education come together powerfully in a compact physical space, thus enabling transformative change. For each school, a score-card on measurable parameters will be developed, and a plan made to move the needle from the current to desired state. There would be state-of-the-art digital education facilities; efficient and functional cleanliness and sanitation systems; and select initiatives to ensure betterment of education and development of the child.

At the same time the Digital Literacy and Cleanliness initiative will spread to encompass all of Pune, in a movement that involves not just the PMC but also citizens, media houses and infrastructure providers. All three initiatives will be announced publicly and citizen involvement generated through a massive communication and monitoring campaign.

The diagrammatic representation below summarizes the collaborative agenda.