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Mid-year Sahyogi Conference

Mid-year Sahyogi Conference was organized on the 17th, 18th and 19th December. Personal development was one of the most important themes for the conference. It began with Sahyogi’s sharing a graph depicting the high’s and low’s they have experienced in their personal and professional life in the past six months.

Speakers like Narendra Goidani from the ‘Life School’ spoke on the importance of enjoying the work and perseverance needed for the role of teacher mentors in the system. Few students from the Maya group of Teach for India facilitated a discussion with the Sahyogi’s on “Excellent Education”. Sahyogi’s were motivated and inspired by the work done by the kids in community spaces. (Few of the Sahyogi’s plan to use the same idea to work on with a group of kids from the PMC.)

Following day, Sahyogi’s in their cluster groups painted a picture on defining ideal scenario in Classroom, School, Community and System. Every team was given a theme. All the charts were put up on the wall to define “Excellent Educational System”.

The highlight of the conference was the discussion where the Municipal Commissioner, Kunal Kumar along with few School Board members, Education Officer – Mr. Dahiphale, DEO – Mrs. Chavan and few AEO’s were present.

KunaI Kumar’s inspirational words motivated the Sahyogi’s.

And an open forum was organized where Sahyogi’s could share their experiences, learnings, feelings and give their suggestions to make their project more effective. Sahyogi’s even shared the challenges faced by them. One of the suggestions – to issue tablets or laptops was immediately sanctioned by the Commissioner.

Sheetal Bapat facilitated a session on “Breaking the Mindsets” by doing a lot of interesting activities on understanding the importance of growth mindset. She demonstrated many ways on how to tackle people with fixed mindset.


PMC - Sahyogi Dal Project

A team of 17 members from the PMC, including the Sahyogi team members, Education Officers visited Mumbai to study about the School Excellence project (SEP) and also Muktangan to study their teacher development models with government schools. The team visited the schools and watched the SEP projec tin action.

The PMC team also had a detail interaction with the entire team involved with the SEP and took away a lot of action items and learnings to implement them in the PMC Sahyogi Dal Project.

Monthly Teacher Development Workshops conducted by Shikshak Sahyogi

31st of July 2015

Around 2000 PMC teachers attended the first Teacher Development Workshop on the 31st of July 2015. The workshop was conducted simultaneously across 16 clusters

Trainings conducted for Shikshak Sahyogi by Pune City Connect

A total of 51 Shikshak Sahyogi and 32 supervisors attended the trainings organized by Pune city connect.

“Even though I only have one more month left to retire I have now realized the importance of respecting the people we work with. I will now approach my teachers with a smile everyday & support them with anything they might need”

Mrs. Kusum Jagtap, Supervisor

Press Conference conducted by Kunal Kumar and PCC Ed Track

31st of July 2015

The Pune Municipal Corporation and the PMC School Board have formalized the intervention started by the Pune City Connect’s Education Track. They have formally announced the formation of Sahyogi Dal to the Pune public through a Press Conference on the 31st July 2015.

Please find the cut outs of the news about the initiative and PCC from the leading newspapers in Pune below.

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Teacher development workshop in progress at Bhawani Peth cluster.