System Capacity Building

Outline of Program - Sahyogi Dal - an in-service teacher development program for PMC

In the short-term, the program aims to develop the skills, knowledge and mind-sets of a 54 member teacher coach/mentor group through intense training support from different educational organisations across Maharashtra on teacher coaching, classroom best practices, innovative curriculum and other pedagogical tools. This group of trainers will then be responsible for conducting on-going training workshops, observing classroom instruction and providing one-on-one coaching development for around 2000 teachers in the PMC school system.

The core group of teacher trainers will also be administratively supported by the 35 PMC Supervisors and the 29 content staff from DIET (employed by SSA-SCERT). The program will directly enable our teachers to lead their students to demonstrable achievement gains year on year. At the end of the program, we want to create a strong network of teacher trainers of the system, within the system who will work only towards improving the quality of teaching learning process in the PMC schools. In the long-term the program aims to build significant system capacity that aims to transform the teaching learning processes in public schools across Pune.

Development model for the Sahyogi Dal:

Project Focus Areas:
  • For Sahyogi Group/ Teacher Development Group:
  • Culture invested in quality improvement
  • Culture of collaboration & active learning
  • Lesson Planning skills
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Data Analysis Skills
  • Reading, Comprehension & Math
  • Classroom Culture & management
  • Action Planning skills
  • Training & workshop execution skills
  • Workshop planning skills
  • Classroom observation & norming skills

For teachers:
  • Culture of collaboration & learning
  • Lesson Planning skills
  • Reading, Comprehension & Math
  • Classroom Culture & management
  • Data Analysis & Action Planning skills